#blog Other Peoples Lives!

My day job has many avenues but one of them is looking after people and their homes and animals.  This means I live in so spend some weeks sleeping in several different beds. What I find interesting is the way we all live differently but essentially the same. Most have family both older and younger, luckily they all have a roof over their heads and gardens or larger grounds.  Thankfully I am able to adapt to wherever I am, I couldn’t have done it when I was younger but as I have got older I learned to accept no two days are the same and no two people are the same.

Some of my people are medically unwell so I have more tasks and plenty of driving to do and at the present time this is my main occupation. Learning to accept that while you are doing the job you do not have a life of your own is a learning curve, I am sure many would not be able to do.  On arriving I am now used to quickly settling in and finding my way around the kitchen and picking up the routine of the household.  Sometimes its my own routine as the person I am caring for is not strong enough to have one. This suits me well but I have to remember its not my house and need to make any changes with the agreement of everyone. Although on a few occasions when helping them to move house it is my task to do the kitchen which does not usually change when I have left.

After a spell away from home its great to get back to my own life but usually its only a couple of days. I have tried to get a better work life balance in recent months but this is dictated by my regulars.  It is always 24 hrs before I can settle back into ‘my’ life but often thats all I have! Along with my care work I have other regular jobs involving computers, accounts and secretarial work.  This also is a window into other avenues of life as I am often there for a whole day and involved with other duties while there.

On top of this my mother now in her 90’s still lives on her own or should I say she shares her life with a dog and a parrot. She is fiercly independant so although she likes me there to stay over and help out I sense I am crowding her space sometimes.  Again she has her own routines which I have to respect. Being my mother it is tempting to try and change things for the better for her but again I have learnt this does not work as her way of life is not mine.

I am now back at home for a few days and have a friend to stay a night as she has an early meeting nearby, we shared a house (her house) for several years and again although we shared many thing (except boyfriends) her routine and life was different again. We are completely opposites but it worked.

I shall now get back to ‘my’ life thanks for reading.