My #blog What is a ‘Celebrity’?

What is a celebrity and why do so many youngsters feel they have to be one?
Celebrity to me is something of a non entity, if it wasn’t for the media circus the less than glamorous personalities wouldn’t be served up to us in all manner of trashy and vulgar situations, serving to make teenagers think it is such an exciting way of life.
Very few ‘celebrities’ have ever done anything worthwhile in society and many have managed to only be known for washing their dirty laundry in public.
The real celebrities are the ones who help the sick, give up their life to help others and fight in foreign lands for the good of their fellow man. The real celebrity is the one who risks his life for others.
Young people need to understand that the likes of Ms Katona and Ms Price only serve to teach how not to conduct our life and that doing something worthwhile will give them more of sense of achievement than anything they learn from the self styled ‘celebrity’.
Here endeth the lesson!

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