New #Blog Dogs, Driving and being Social.

The end of a busy week and a few short hours to catch my breath and the merry-go-round started to whisk me away again this morning. Saturday was spent back in my old stamping ground of East Sussex not far from Lewes where I went to school. I was there to judge a fun dog show which was organised by doggie friends. It was a fantastic afternoon, the sun shone and the setting was perfect on Newick Village Green. It was also the local horticultural show and the ladies of the village did the delicious lunch.  The show was well supported and we managed to raise a good amount for local causes. Although I have been judging dogs and horses for many years these local shows are always the most difficult as you have a huge selection of pedigree and cross breds. We had great sponsors and everyone went away with something.

On my way back to Wiltshire I stopped by a good friend who used to have a boarding kennel and cattery and also a grooming parlour near Littlehampton. She does not have ‘take it easy’ in her vocabulary and shortly after selling up was struck down with pneumonia, it was a scary time but she pulled through and got back to dog grooming, an activity she always says she never wanted to do. Last Christmas she suffered a stroke and naturally we were all worried, but she has made terrific progress and although not back at work she can now drive locally.  She is a tough lady and I am sure she will be back to full strength soon.  She has two dogs and I am sure the fact that she has had to think of them and get well to take them out has helped.  Both dogs do agility so it has given her plenty to work towards.

Sunday saw me driving to Stoneleigh for The Birmingham National Dog Show this time with mum for company. It was the last day of the show and the two groups were gundogs and utility. Mother being a grand dam of the dog world means we get invited to the official lunch at the shows and this was no exception. The chairman’s lunch is always a treat and unusually I think I was the youngest person on our table yesterday! With the socialising and the fact I don’t have any dogs to show these days its generally an early start for home.

Today was back to the day job and a commute to Basingstoke to friends where I help with paper work and it was tax return day! well the start of it anyway. Two lovely dogs reside there and I am always given a great welcome and there is always excitement because I do their nails which means they get their favourite cheesy biscuits. So, there is no peace until they are done

I am now up to six hundred miles in the car since Saturday and have plenty more to add on during the rest of the week with two trips to London, and there is Basingstoke and Oxford as well.

I could not do my job or have a life without my car so any suggestion from the powers that be that I should use PUBLIC transport should be put where the don’t shine!

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