New #Blog Too many shops selling the same thing!

The news yesterday apart from the usual fighting in distant lands was that retailers are getting the jitters about their profits so are starting the New Year sales in the Autumn!

It is obvious to me but obviously not to anyone else that now we have exactly the same shops selling exactly the same things with only five miles between stores its no wonder their sales are down. We as consumers can only have so many changes of clothes a day and how many times a year do we need a new bed or sofa?

There should be planning laws to make these big stores and some of the fashion shops and maybe even the supermarkets have only one outlet per 50 mile radius. Sales would be up and we wouldn’t have to put up with trashy unwanted items in the bargain bins.

There is too much of everything and too many choices these days lets start streamlining our lives and we would all be better off.


  1. I agree, so many shops have the same stuff. I went to the Metro Center yesterday and there are so many shops all with the same items, makes for a very boring shopping trip!

    Our nearest towns both have the same shops, I.e. M&Co, Dorothy Perkins, New Look and many more.

    CJ xx

  2. I agree about the same stuff stuff. BUT I MUST have a market of some kind, that sells food, within a 3-4 mile radius of my home. After driving 18 miles round trip to grocery store for almost 20 years, I’m ready for a market on every corner. Those of us who are getting up there in years, don’t have the energy for a fifty mile hike for food. I often fantasize about a condo in NY or London (or even Tokyo) where I could just run downstairs to the local bakery or butcher. Would surely save on gas.

  3. On small independent shops, I am in total agreement. There is one nearby that I frequent. No long lines. The owner knows my name, size(s) and tastes. I’m in and out with whatever I need in a few minutes. “Unmentionables,” etc. can be bought online and shipped.

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