Latest #blog Weekend, Wind and .9p

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and didn’t have to sit in too many traffic jams. Luckily I managed to avoid the traffic by picking my times.  Passing the service areas on Friday I have never seen anything like it.  For the first time ever I saw them queuing to get in! were they all desperate to spend a penny or were they feeling that light headed with the thought of days off they wanted to spend spend spend at the services, as we know everything is that much more expensive.  Their excuse is that their overheads are higher but I do wonder if it’s not a sneaky way of fleecing the motorist yet again. The standard of driving seems to take a turn for the worst and on exiting London on Thursday could not believe the way drivers were weaving in and out and across the traffic at speed. Over the weekend driving was noticibly poorer, is it perhaps that some people only take the car out on the road at holiday time?

Several American friends live on the Eastern seaboard so I was concerned that they may be hit by the hurricane, luckily it seems that there was only minor damage.  They nearly all have animals so a scary time for everyone. I remember landing in New York some years ago where a hurricane was passing through, we only caught the tail end but it was certainly a bumpy ride.  When we landed I could not believe the rain and thought I would never see the like again, but I did up in Toledo.   We stayed in a motel and the car park just filled with water as if someone had turned the hose on and the young trees bent right over almost lying on the ground. I was with friends and we were on the dog show cicuit so had about 15 dogs with us.  But all was ok and later that week showed dogs in a hundred degrees of heat!

I filled up my diesel car before coming back over the bridge into England this afternoon as the prices are a little cheaper.  I am at a loss why fuel is priced with a .9p tagged on the end.  How far back does this go can anyone remember? It seems pointless to me as much as things priced 99p on the end and not rounded up or down which would be better.  Is it to try and confuse us or try to make us think we are not paying quite so much. Having change of 1p is fairly useless as we can’t even use it at the public convenience now as when they do charge it usually costs 20p.