#blog mushrooms, cats and Indian summers

Dog Days as experienced by the cat.


So is our summer over or can we hope for an Indian Summer.  I think they are the best as you get those misty cool early mornings that gently slide into a warm mellow day.  When I had the riding stables these were the mornings when we went mushrooming, we had horseshoe mushrooms in a neighbouring field and they were delicious. I imagine due to sprays and modern farming they no longer grow there.  We always found that the fields where we had run the stallions were always had the best mushrooms!

I remember when it was all the rage to grow your own mushrooms and we would buy huge plastic buckets of peat with the spores already planted and then we would put the bucket in the cupboard under the stairs.  Looking on the internet I see its still possible to buy these buckets today.

Along with this blog I am starting one which will I hope have helpful tips and hints. In time I hope to open it up for others to add their ideas.  Things like cooking tips, household tips and general things to help life run smoother. The address is https://handyhelpfulhints.wordpress.com

I forecast that the Indian Summer will start around the 29th September as that’s when I leave for my blue sky holiday!



  1. Hey Storm,
    I love mushrooming too. I call it mushroom hunting and hubby and I have been doing it every year. This year is the first year we are taking Trainboy, so will be posting pictures next week. We don’t eat the mushrooms, unless they are from a specific field where we know they are good. But we find some extraordinary ones in the woods near Moel Siabod. Definitely not for eating.
    Lovely post, Storm, chat soon.

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