# Blogging A Feathery update for Friday

I promised my faithful readers that I would update you on the bird life at my day job in Oxfordshire. The kite families did not appear much yesterday as we had torrential rain most of the day but in a short dry spell yesterday evening they came out for a swoop around.  We have two dead oak trees in the next door field and the kites use this as their lookout point. They looked extremely bedraggled there but still seemed to make a lot of noise.  If you have never been near a kite nesting site I can tell you they are extremely noisy. I have taken some pictures but have forgotten my cables etc to put them on the computer, I promise to put some on the site when I get home in a couple of weeks.

The swallows in the stables have fledged, this is the second family. This morning it was flying practice, so when I went in with the wheelbarrow they became quite flustered! I had forgotten something so went to get it, when I turned the corner on my way back the old grey event horse walked out the stable with a baby swallow perched on his withers, it was so funny, the poor little bird couldn’t understand why its world was moving. Naturally when I went to get the camera it flew away. ( I call myself a professional photographer!).

I have two extra dogs to look after on my stay this time, one is a very shaggy terrier and the other a springer spaniel, the latter has a terrific nose although she is not used for shooting.  I take them out into the orchard several times a day and she can always tell me where the birds nests are.  The robins I know are in the first bush and its her first port of call on her way from the kennel. I hope when I get my puppy she will have as good a nose but perhaps not quite so scatty.


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