My #blog of feathered friends

Well I am back at the day job for about ten days and on my arrival the Red Kites were back.  All the young have now left the nest and are learning to fly, there must be several families as the old oak tree is covered in them during the evening.  This is when they have flying practice  as well as  mid morning. Close too you can see their feathers are a bit moth-eaten  and they have not got their adult plumage yet. Extremely noisy  they call to each other all the time. It sounds like playtime at school!

The swallows have had another family and they too are noisy in the stable when I am mucking out.  I noticed this evening they were having flying practice as well.  They need to hurry up as they will soon be leaving us for distant shores.

As the evenings start to draw in we will soon have the bats swooping around in the yard when I take the dogs out for their last dangle. I overcame my fear of them when I used to stay at some friends in Hampshire on the farm. One used to get in through the window and hang upside down on my dressing gown hanging on the back of the door.  Conscious that they have savage teeth I used to wrap it in a towel and take it outside. This used to happen every couple of days. They are much smaller and bonier than you imagine and quite scary. But I am a brave girl now even if a friend of mine is convinced they will get in your hair!