#blog Thoughts on the week

Well, the silly season really kicked off this week with madmen and women, boys and girls taking to the streets and trying to ruin the life of decent people. Magistrates courts sitting 24/7 and calls for the police service not too face cuts.  Then we had the dive in the financial markets around the world but still we carry on and most of us manage to rise above it all.  What motivates young people to behave this way, surely you cannot blame the parents or the schools on every occasion, it is I think (my opinion) inbred from somewhere.  I have been involved with breeding dogs and horses for many years and we are always aware of throw backs to an early mating.  Some pure breeds today have been crossed in the past with other pure breeds to enhance certain characteristics.  Is this whats happening in humans?  Many years ago we had a pure bred spaniel and in the line several generations back it was crossed with a hound, these characteristics showed when trying to train to the gun,  he would take off and give tongue just like his hound forbears.  In the same vein we had a Border terrier and at one time they introduced a Dandie Dinmont, he had inherited the fluffy topknot!  If we look back into the heritage of these rioting people what would we find? Do they have aggressive personalities, savagery or other features reminiscent of another generation. A great deal has been said about the reaction to food we give our children, could this play apart?

I have had a peaceful couple of week in the Welsh valley and had a house guest last week. I often go to Cardiff Bay and while I had company we visited. There is such a variety of things going on we were spoilt for choice.  We saw the speed boat water skiing championships and some rather exciting canoe polo on the day we went.  The next day we went to Merthyr as  Cyfartha Castle is my ancestral home.  There is a new exhibition in the dining room and lobby of the Crawshay family which tells of their rise and fall as the iron kings of South Wales. If you are in the area it is an interesting place to visit as there are always new things happening, Merthyr Rock music festival is next. I was lucky to have my first photographic exhibition in the halls.