# a non riotous #blog. Please miss can I have my towel back? and other gardening matters.

I live in a mid terrace property in the Welsh valleys. We have great neighbours and wonderful views of the mountain from the windows. Our back yards are back to back with an alleyway between and are small in size. When I moved in the yard was mostly concrete but there were two small arears that had at sometime been flower beds. They had been covered over in thick blue plastic and then hidden with copiuos amounts of road grit.  Fine if like the last owner you are too frail to descend the suicidal steps from the backdoor and cannot manage to weed.

Wherever I have lived I have always managed to grow something even if its 20 cacti plants and several orange trees which attracted sticky white fly. So I set about tidying it up. Apart from the affor mentioned plastic and grit there was an enormous Fuchsia ‘tree’ they have self seeded along the terraces and we all have one of different sizes.  I used to cut it down every year and every year it came back bigger than ever and shield the exit from my suicidal steps and blocked off the cellar door.

Separating me on one side from my neighbour was an old privet hedge, neither of us had the will to keep it trimmed and as it was a bit thin along the bottom something had to be done before the arrival of small paws. So we set about pulling it up and managed to get away with making a bonfire of it without burning down the houses. In its place is a nice wooden fence.

I booked a man with a truck and a saw who arrived complete with family and they removed the ‘tree’, grit and plastic. I now have a burgeoning herb garden  but on the otherside in the shade I didn’t know what to plant.  A friend of mine who used to be something important at a garden centre suggested potatoes, what a terrific idea that was, I have managed to grow a splendid crop in shallow soil fifty percent of which is coal!

I recently had to have my porch taken down as a new back door and kitchen window have been fitted.  This has left me with a small walled veranda where I can sit the clothes dryer.  I did this today but while unattended one of the towels made its way into next door.  It lodged on a plank of wood but stretch as I may I couldn’t reach it and it landed on the ground. Well, Casper and Ellie live next door and they thought this was rather fun, so when their owner returned I felt like the neighbours boys from next door who want to retrieve their many footballs from my patch. There is only a small chew on one end and as they are guest towels and as they match the décor in the spare room they will have to do for a while.