#blog Personalities and ways of the world

I have been otherwise engaged this week, having a little social time and doing my yearly accounts. Both in their own way make me feel a good deal better than I did. During the week I had a lovely coffee chat with a new friend.  She and I managed to discuss a varied selection of topics and it was a thoroughly enjoyable interlude.  Then the following day I met someone for the first time and I am still wondering why on his part he ever agreed, although it was his suggestion in the first place.  I am by nature a cheerful and generally happy individual, make friends easily and can always find things to talk about.  On this occasion I found the conversation one sided and rather like talking to a brick wall.  Sadly no personality and no interest in discussing anything.  It was left to me to ask questions and eventually to make my excuses and leave. I cannot understand how some people have managed to get so far through life, done interesting jobs, seen the world, have a family and come out the other side with nothing to say.  Even if I meet someone who I do not gel with I make the effort and at least come away feeling something was achieved. Well there is ‘nought so queer as folk’!

On the accounts topic I am amazed how much work I have achieved during the year yet have nothing left in the bank, I am single have no dependants or expensive hobbies so how do others with families manage. They are either very good at budgeting (never been an occupation of mine) or deeply in debt.  I applaud those with large families who manage to keep afloat in these difficult times which I fear are going to get tougher.

When I flick through the TV channels during the day I always find the ones on world news, China and Russia are my favourite.  At lunchtime today they had a report from London on how the area is now under Sharia Law and that it will spread round the country, it was a fairly scary piece for anyone who was thinking of travelling to the UK.  My opinion is if you live in someone elses country you respect their laws and religion and if you do not want to conform you don’t stay. There was also a report from a Russian town on the Chinese border, it is thriving and looks very westernised.  The river is the only thing that separates the two countries and the Chinese have set up in the town with markets and buinesses.  It looked a thriving place to be in such a remote looking part of the world.