#blog of meetings, greetings and thoughts

Had a very pleasant morning meeting a twitter friend who only lives a stones throw away from me here at home in Wales. We chewed the fat over coffee and hope to do so again soon. Came home and focussed on my 6th assignment which is all now done, I will give it a read through tomorrow and then send it into cyberspace! I am gradually getting over my horror of girlie magazines knowing that when I have finished this course I can burn the ever growing pile in my office.

My new course papers have arrived which is scary as I am attempting a Diploma this time (not had one of those since junior school when I did Elocution). I also have a set time in which to do it unlike the current one where I can take 4 years. However, I am already half way through and am only in month four so keeping up the momentum.

I managed to find something other than CSI to watch tonight, it was a most interesting programme on the History channel they were trying to reproduce actions that had been told in the Bible using modern science, quite fascinating. I thought the sling shot champion was amazing and wondered how many takes they had to get him to hit the target.

Having quite a social week for me as I am out to lunch (no nodding in agreement please!) tomorrow and Thursday, but will fit in time to get on with  some writing.  I have a house guest over the weekend and the early part of next week so wont get much done.

Don’t forget to check out the photos of the Brittany Day on my website http://www.smcphotographs.co.uk

More controversial opinions tomorrow!