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Saturday for some people is a family day of shopping and house work, taking the kids to various events and then in the evening a take away and a DVD. For those who have horses and dogs its probably up at stupid ‘o’ clock car or lorry full of everything but the kitchen sink (sometimes that as well) and a journey across several counties to a show. For me today it was none of those, but a day of catching up where I had left off ten days ago when I went off to do a job of work.  Now back home it has been a rush round with a hoover catch up with some paperwork and type out my mothers weekly column. A nice supper and a bit of tellie followed by a quick blog before bed.

And then I thought what a stupid word ‘blog’ was and went in search of its origins and here it is. Blog is short for weblog. The term weblog was first coined in December 1997 by an American blogger named Jorn Barger. He used it to describe “log the web” as he surfed online. Later another blogger named Peter Merholz changed weblog to “we blog” in a 1999 post. Soon people were dropping the other word and just used “blog.” NOW you probably think I am a bit dim not knowing but I have researched a lot of things lately which has broadened my rather compact knowledge of things that  other people probably knew already. I think you should learn something new every day and  look up and study the meaning of a new word everyday this way you will and probably do have a wealth of  information at your finger tips.

Well that’s my little piece for today and I am off out tomorrow to a Brittany Awareness Day with my camera and notebook, what is that I hear you say, here is a hint, ‘it is to do with dogs’.

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