#blog a Friday fryup of Bitz!

Quite a lot of happenings this week in the news not all happy.  There was a time when Parliament broke up for the holidays and we had the silly season, which meant that there was a shortage of news. Instead of all the doom and gloom we used to get happy happenings and silly stories.  Not this summer! With all that’s happening around the world it is a wonder if everything will ever be resolved and we can all live in peace and harmony. Why is it that some nations are so aggressive. I don’t possess an aggressive gene so it is a mystery to me. I was always taught put up and shut up, get your head down and carry on!

After my last trip to stay with friends in America there were hints that the economy was not as it should be and so it is no surprise that the land of the free and whatever you want you can have, is in financial trouble. As we know to our cost you can only have it ‘so good’ for ‘so long’. Everything goes full circle and the weight of power and fortune is making its way back to China and Russia where it once was. Lets hope the savagery of those two great powers does not return with it.

I would like to wish Mike and Zara all the very best for tomorrow and the future and hope the media can stand back and let them have the day they have dreamed of.

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