#blog of birds (feathery ones).

Where I am working  in Oxfordshire at the moment we were saying how we hadn’t seen any Red Kites. Usually we have several families, they swoop around the paddocks and sit up in two dead trees in the big field calling. Last year I got some quite good photographs including a juvenile being fed in mid air. We thought as they are such pests they could have been culled! or may have moved on to better feeding grounds. Then in this last week they have emerged, swooping and calling with the youngsters being taught to fly. Obviously they had been sitting and rearing their young up in the tall trees we have around here. They are such majestic birds a real time waster when they are around.

There is also a buzzard that lives down the drive and he often is perched on the post  and rails when you drive down, he doesn’t seem to be shy as he takes his time to launch in the air.

When I took the dogs out this afternoon there were a pair of green Woodpeckers on the lawn, they obviously have young as one of them is a very good alarm clock yaffling outside my window at 6 a.m. Because we are surrounded by trees we have a large variety of birds, finches, tits, spotted woodpeckers as well as robins and wrens.

It is completely opposite from my own home where we have no songbirds as I live in back to back terraces and only have a small backyard. But just five minutes walk and you are at the lake in the country park with, ducks, geese, coots, moorhens and the odd heron.

I think we should all take note of our wonderful birds whatever types we have visiting us as there is nothing nicer than listening to a chorus of birdsong.


  1. Sounds gorgeous. My Jessica is a huge bird lover. Instead of pop posters on her Walls, they are covered in many different types of birds. Bluetits are her favourite.

    Lovely blog x

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