#blog The meaning of words in everyday language.

Here we go with one of my pet subjects, the meanings of words used in everyday life, the piece below was written and sent for publication but never appeared as far as I know so I thought I would share it with you.

     I am still not comfortable with the word ‘coward’ when used to describe appalling acts committed by terrorists. It seems to have become a fashionable tag to any kind of disaster against our fellow humans. Looking up the word in the dictionary it describes the meaning of the word as lacking courage; very fearful or timid (Adj). To my mind anyone who is willing to risk their own life by strapping explosives to their chests knowing they are going to be blown to bits seems to me far from being timid!

As a noun the word is defined as a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain etc., a timid or easily intimidated person. Or in the Thesaurus it is defined as not so brave or not being able to say boo to a goose. Am I missing something here? Surely there must be a more accurate interpretation for someone who is willing to be so destructive without thought to anyone else except themselves and their intense hatred of what we would class as normal God fearing people.

I am not against people having an opinion and choosing their way in faith and life but should people wishing to destroy those who will not follow or conform to their way of thinking be put in the cowardly category? Surely a more apt word to use would be inhuman or just plain evil.

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