Weekend Blog of Happenings

So many heartbreaking happenings since my last visit here.  How can anyone comprehend how these poor people in Oslo are feeling. Sadly it is a tragedy less uncommon than it should be in modern times. Through the ages there have been fanatics and people with unbalanced minds who even with restrictions find ways of getting round the system, to be able to carry out acts which horrify us. Blaming radicals and violent films and games only goes part way as surely these people are born with a gene the majority of us luckily don’t have.

Amy was a tragic figure and my feeling is that she like Joplin and Hendrix before her had a gift but only the will to live for the moment and was destined for a short life.  Her family have gone through so much and she had so much to look forward to mentoring her God daughter, who I hope will learn that to be gifted as she is will not be enough and she needs to be strong in character, people are bound to compare her as she has such a unique voice.

Well a quiet weekend for me for a change, looking after the house, dogs and ponies while their owner is away. There is a fabulous veg garden here so have been making some delicious soups for the freezer. Didn’t do much writing other than to type my mothers column for her as her eyesight is quite bad now, so she bashes it out on her word processor then hands it over to me, some of the spelling makes for a good laugh, but she can still write a good piece.

Another week tomorrow, what will it bring?


  1. Storm,

    Sad events in Norway. I cannot imagine an individual committing such heinous crimes.

    I have a theory – remove all traces of testosterone from men and we’d have much less violence in this world (except for women experiencing PMS).

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