Blog of Friday Thoughts on the week.

Another week is coming to an end and its now less than half a year to Christmas! Back in the Oxfordshire countryside now at one of the day jobs I will have time this weekend to catch up on the writing side of life. The week has been one of much excitement driving up and down the M4 as I have commuted from my mothers this week before getting home to Wales for 24 hrs. to have a bit of me time or so I thought, but much to do as everything was left somewhat unfinished after I had to rush home to mother because she was unwell, thankfully she is mended now.
My writing career has taken another turn as I have signed up for a creative writing Diploma, this is a big step for me as I had little academic schooling as a child. I have never had or attempted a ‘Diploma’ in anything before so hope I don’t let myself down.  I have had a fairly good result on Assessment 5 in my journalism course, struggling a little with local news as I am rarely local anywhere! More reading and analysing of Womens magazines for No.6 ( not my bag as they say) will get it done quickly as No. 7 moves on to Hobby and craft mags so things are trucking along OK.
As for reading I am still ploughing my way through Potemkin, I think maybe I shall still be there in Russia come Christmas. Meanwhile I have an ever growing pile of new books to be started.

Best discovery of the week so far: Larry Downing Street cat on Twitter he has paws of magic phrases.