Weekend musings

Recently my work has involved being away from home so when I get a week off I become very selfish and run to my home in South Wales.  The work that I do often involves 24 hour care as well as doing all the jobs of a housewife and animal carer. Trying to have a life outside this is not always easy.  My mother who lives alone still and is in her 90’s occasionally asks for help but not often. This weekend I had a plan to do something I hadn’t done in a long time, but mum had a funny turn while out for lunch with friends on Friday so I had to race back from Cardiff, chuck all my belongings in the car and speed up the M4. I am not due to have any free time now for a few weeks so hope I brought enough underwear with me! My plans are now on hold but I am going to make sure I don’t miss out when I am next free.

This weekend will give me some time to study for my writing course and with any luck I will be able to get something done towards my next assignment which involves things that I would not normally do. I am seriously thinking about switching courses from journalism to creative writing but I mustn’t be weedy. I am not good in doing things like asking for interviews if I don’t have a commission or doing things for local papers as I am never home long enough to take part or get an interest in things happening around home. Gosh! I can find lots of excuses.

On a lighter note its time for sherry.

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